S.no Crime num Name of PS Case Registered Date Image Description
1 13/16 Tenali I Town P.S 2016-01-13 Occurred prior to 13.1.2016 at 10.00 AM behind Lake view guest house, Krishna river, vp south, same was reported in N.sagar ps same day at about 10.00 AM by the complainant Gandrakota Narayana rao, s/o Seetharamaiah , VRO vp south. In which the complainant received information on:13.1.16 at 10.00 AM about un-known dead body and immediately he rushed to the spot and he found one un known female dead body aged about 40-50 years. He caused enquiries about the unknown dead body, but nothing information came lite about her identity, Hence he lodged a report to the police further action. Efforts are being to trace out the identity of un-known male dead body. Case is UI
2 103/2015 Amruthaluru 2015-11-25 This is a case of death cause not known that occurred prior to 25-11-15 at 8.00 am, at Nizampathanam main canal water, near 9 mail stone, in between Pyaparru to Thurimella village and reported to police on the same day on. 25-11-15 at 08.00 am where in the deceased unknown male dead body age about 40-45 years and highly decomposed, found lining at Nizampathanam main canal water, the complainant T.yellieaiah, I/C VRO Pyaparru village reported to mater to police. PMC awaited from District hospi